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Why Choose A FEPS® Professional

Although many insurance agents call themselves “final expense agents,” only Final Expense Planning Specialists have completed specific training and are held to the highest ethical and educational standards in the Final Expense Planning arena. Most people think all final expense planners are “certified,” but this isn’t true. Just about anyone can use the title “final expense planner.” Only those who have fulfilled the Certified Final Expense Advisors Association requirements can call themselves a FEPS®. Members of the CFEAA can now offer you free Wills, Trusts, and other documents as well as free scholarship points that can be used for one full year of private University or College education.

What A FEPS®
Professional Can Do For You

FEPS® professionals understand the complexities of the changing final expense climate and will work tirelessly to make planning recommendations in your best interest. Your options and rights are the center of a well developed plan using today’s cutting edge quoting and planning technologies that will provide the best value for your specific situation.


The Final Expense Planning Process

First your advisor will schedule a meeting that fits your needs and help you set aside some time. Be sure to find a time that allows you to focus undistracted by your everyday commitments as you will be discussing a very important matter.

Your choices are numerous so your FEPS® professional will help you think about your goals. Your advisor will ask about your final expense goals in detail and likely ask you to prioritize them, too. Take time before your meeting to consider your goals.

Openness counts. A FEPS® needs to have a comprehensive understanding of your financial, health, and family situations, as well as your attitude toward traditional and non-traditional burial arrangements. Depending on those discussions, your advisor will do an analysis.

Once your FEPS® understands your personal situation, they will outline a process for developing their recommendations and they will walk you through the detailed steps that will need to be taken to secure a comprehensive solution that ensures that your final wishes are carried out while removing your family’s financial burdens.


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Working with a Final Expense Professional makes all the difference in the world.

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 The links below can be used to have a FEPS® or a member of the CFEAA reach out to you or to have a member of the Certified Final Expense Advisors Association reach out to you. You can locate a member at Funeralwise or at AgentReview. At either site you can enter your resident State. On Funeralwise you can narrow your search down to your Zip Code.

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